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Here at Plugnizer, we are hard advocates of the General Public License.

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“Freedom is an important part of developing WordPress themes. If you plan to distribute your theme, it is a good idea to license it fully under the GPL, so others can enjoy the same freedoms that you did when creating it.”

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Pluginizer has tons of unique features and tools to fulfill your needs. From custom requests to frequent updates and a money-back guarantee policy. The list goes on and on, and here are only some of them:

Frequent updates

We update our website on a daily basis with new versions and new items.

Custom requests

We are here to hear your needs. If you can’t find your preferred plugin or theme, let us know, and we will do our best to add it.

Fully activated

Most items will fully work out of the box. If you run into a plugin or theme that doesn’t work as expected, our team of developers will do their best to activate it for you.